Special Research Projects


Reduction of physical and mental strain through e-sports

1.Reduces eye strain

If you are playing e-sports or video games, you are staring at the screen because you are winning or losing. blinking is extremely rare, resulting in "dry eyes" that are more severe than those caused by normal computer operation. This can cause severe "dry eyes" compared to normal computer operation. As you know, most of the nutritional supply to the cornea is provided by blinking, When this supply is cut off due to dry eye, the cornea deteriorates, causing vision loss. This is known to cause deterioration of the cornea and vision loss. In addition, children's so-called "smartphone strabismus" has recently become an issue, not only due to the influence of e-sports. The so-called "smartphone strabismus" of children is also becoming a problem. In the case of smartphones, which have smaller screens than regular PCs and TVs, This can cause large eye fatigue due to excessive eye strain caused by staring too intently at a small screen located close to the eyes. This causes significant eye fatigue. This causes children to look at the screen with only one eye (left and right eye). This is called smartphone strabismus. In the case of nearsighted children, even with relatively large screens, such as a computer, the child will have to use the near-sightedness to look at the screen at a distance, This is a habit that causes children with nearsightedness to wear glasses for nearsightedness to play on relatively large screens, such as computers, This can further increase the degree of myopia and, in severe cases, cause the eyeball to deform vertically. In some severe cases, the eyeballs can become vertically deformed. The society is working with ophthalmologists and optometrists to develop a new method to reduce the risk of strabismus by reducing the risk of convergence, We are currently developing glasses that alleviate congestion, which prevents strabismus, and glasses for nearsighted children that allow them to see at close range without difficulty. After completion, we will conduct a clinical trial on the effectiveness of the glasses in alleviating strabismus. On the other hand, eye drops and supplements are also effective in preventing dry eyes, eye strain and myopia. We are currently conducting research on active ingredients for more effective eye drops and supplements, as well as conducting clinical trials, We are conducting research on active ingredients for more effective eye drops and supplements and conducting clinical trials for them.

2.Reduces stress on fingers and arms

The intense and fast fingertip use associated with eSports play can cause tendonitis in the fingertips and arms. The development of keyboards, mice, and arm rests that are less likely to cause tendonitis is also The Society is conducting research and clinical trials on supplements that reduce the incidence of tendonitis, or drugs that more effectively stop the inflammation when pain (inflammation) does occur, We are conducting research and clinical trials.

3.Reduces mental strain

Although it is mainly a video game rather than an e-sport, there are cases where people forget to eat or sleep from morning to night and become absorbed in playing. In such cases, e-sports teams can be a saving grace. Because eSports is a team game against other players, it is necessary to play at a time when all team members can get together, which avoids excessive long hours of continuous play compared to playing alone. This allows the team to avoid excessive long periods of continuous play compared to playing alone. By inviting people who are currently absorbed in video games to join an e-sports team, not only will they be able to avoid playing continuously for long periods of time, but they will also be able to deepen the content of their games through teamwork and joint operations (see below). This will not only discourage long hours of continuous play, but also deepen the content of the game (while obtaining a high score) and foster social skills through joint operations. We are conducting research on this aspect as well. At the same time, to alleviate mental tension, Supplements are very effective in alleviating mental fatigue. We are conducting research and clinical trials on this aspect as well.